Wrought iron gates and fences are selected with attention to design and detailing so that they accentuate the exterior and balcony of a building. These metal products are mostly a one-time expense and once installed, it is left alone for years. Unfortunately, climatic conditions such as humid air and rain can corrode the metal over time and cause rusting. Rusting is a metal enemy that not only spoils the beauty of the steel or iron gate but also limits its longevity. It is a brown-orange powdery coating that develops over time on the metal surface.

What Causes Rusting?

When iron or steel meets moisture and oxygen for a long time, it generates iron oxide. It is a chemical reaction resulting in decaying of metal. Iron oxide that forms on the metal surface is called rust in layman terms.

Is Rust Harmful?

The negative effects of rusting depend on the quantity of rust formed and on the object on which it has appeared. For example, if the water pipes in the house have rusted, it may result in water color to change to slight orange or brown which may stain the clothes during washing.

Rust is like an infection, once it starts developing, it doesn’t stop on its own and spreads to the entire metal product quickly. If the car surface starts rusting, it is a safety concern as the rust eats on the metal over time.

Be it machinery, wrought iron gates, readymade steel gates, iron fencing, railing, and balusters, once the product starts to corrode, it can cost money, time, and effort. It is advisable to rustproof your metal objects in advance to avoid such situations.

How to Protect Metal from rusting?

In this article, we will tell you a few ways to protect your metal products from rusting:

1. Regular Maintenance: Wrought iron gates and fencing must be maintained regularly. At least twice a year, the complete metal furniture or railings, etc. must be washed with warm soapy water so that grime and other dirt is removed. It is a good practice to spray the gates and fence with primer before painting.

2. Repair Rust Spots: As soon as the first spots of rust appear, do not ignore them. Act immediately. Scrape the rust and grime off the metal surface using a sharp blade or steel wool or a wire brush. Wash the area with soapy water. To prevent the rust to reappear, paint or grease the area well.

3. Keep the Metal Surface Dry: It isn’t always possible especially if you live in rainy or snowy regions. However, you can break the contact of rain water or snow with metal by ensuring that all exposed metal is well painted.

4. Acidic Treatment: Simple ingredients at home can help to remove rust from objects like tools, jewelry, sports equipment, etc. Dissolve the metal object in lemon or vinegar solution and leave it for some time. It acts on rust and make it dissolve and leave. You can also sprinkle some salt on the object and then squeeze lemon juice on it for even better effect. Do not forget to wash away the acid from the object once rust clears.

5. RUSTResolve: It is an eco-friendly way to fight rust. Keep your children and pets in a danger-free zone by neutralizing the corroding process using RustResolve. It can be sprayed or painted on any metal surface to neutralize the rust and to keep the surface rust free for a long time.

RustResolve forms a low permeability coating on the metal surface that does not allow oxygen and water to meet the metal. This stretches the life of your wrought iron gates, sliding gates, and steel fencing for a few more years in an economical and eco-friendly manner.

Protect your gates and fences and all other metal products now, order RustResolve online from ArchIronDesign. RustResolve solution is available in different sizes – you can choose from 250ml, 1 Liter, and 5 Liter bottles. One Liter of RustResolve can be used to treat 8-9 Square meters.