NEW! Prefabricated and predrilled posts for Feeney CableRail.

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Royal Series

Royal Series

The “ROYAL” series recreates the luxury and the glamour of the ancient palaces. The solid brass centers are available in two finishes either “Antique Bronze” hand patinated and lacquered, or 24 carat gilded and lacquered “G”. The end pieces are made of mild steel, allowing for the assembly of the railing by welding. The ends, as well as the rails, should be painted with a satin finish in a color suitable to the room decoration. For indoor use only.
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  1. Grande Forge Royal Series Gilded Posts and Balusters
    PL140G, PL142G, BL149G, BL145G, BL144G, BL147G and BL148G

    Starting at: $185.30

  2. Grande Forge Royal Series Patinated Posts and Balusters
    PL140, PL142, BL149, BL145, BL144, BL147 and BL148

    Starting at: $118.60

    Paris Series
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