NEW! Prefabricated and predrilled posts for Feeney CableRail.

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Textured Bars

Textured Bars

Our hammered bar and rope twist is ideal for frame work and uprights in gates, railings or furniture. Vine or wood grain bar are wonderful for heavy or small gate frames, end posts on rails, balustrades and furniture.
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118/A/1, 118/A/2, 118/A/3 and 118/A/5
Edge Hammered Tubing - 20' long
Edge Hammered Solid Bars
Edge Hammered Solid Bars
3/8-20FT, 3/9-20FT, 3/10-20FT, 3/11-20FT and 3/11A
5/8" Diameter Hot Pierced Bar
Hot Pierced Bar 5/8" sq (round
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