It doesn't matter whether you are climbing up the stairs or viewing amazing landscapes on higher levels through an indoor window or balcony outdoors, you simply need a handrail to hold on to. Right?  They are essentially required for security and comfort while climbing up or down the stairs or simply gazing off a rooftop.

It is a human tendency that makes us look for something to hold on to while walking upwards or downwards on a staircase. This tendency also helps in preventing accidents as the railings help give support and balance during sudden slips and falls. This makes them a much-needed system that every staircase must have. They are an amazing help for those with physical disabilities.

Handrail systems also play a crucial role in enhancing the appearance and aesthetics of a home, particularly when one prefers brass handrails for stairs. Brass is an ideally suited material to add more elegance and style to your staircase.

To experience the luxury and benefits of a handrail, you need to seek help from an expert in the industry for best design and installation.

At AIDI, we offer attractive and versatile railing systems in iron, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. We have so many options that you will have a hard time deciding which system is right for your stairs.


When handrails were newly introduced in its earlier days, the most common type were pieces of pipes that were mounted to the stairs, walls or ramps. While they served their purpose for safety, they weren't very attractive. Today we can have a combination of both safety and beauty. Whether you're choosing handrails for your home or business, you have a large selection to choose from including metal railings, especially the exquisitely designed brass railing systems, one of the more popular styles today. Many architects have the knowledge, tools and the sense of creativity to design some of the most beautiful staircases with brass handrail fittings to complement their client’s stairs.

Considerations When Choosing Handrails:

When deciding on handrails for your home or business, the first thing that will occur to you is the appearance followed by safety and protection. However, do not forget to consider other parameters as well such as the design, cost, maintenance, and local regulations. If you are thinking about what regulations, there are defined codes that need to be considered regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act for stairs and ramps, mainly if you are in business. There are specific dimensions and heights, which are prescribed.

Unlike days of the past when handrails were simple and plain, today you have the opportunity to choose from brass handrails, steel handrails, wood handrails or glass handrails and balustrades. The type of handrails you choose is a matter of personal preference as well as your choice of balustrades, which are now available in lightweight materials as opposed to the concrete and stone ones of the past.

Recommendations for Handrails:

Although we have our choices of handrails, with many now available, certain types are better than others are. Brass handrails are best for indoor use as they are easy on maintenance and add a charming look to the overall appearance of the home. For a custom and elegant look, especially outdoors, choose stainless steel or glass handrails. Aluminum handrails are best for the places where you want lightweight yet durable.

You earn yourself the highest possible value and pleasure from the choice of your handrail in the building only when the handrail goes with the sort of look you want to build. Apart from all of that, as brass handrail suppliers, we provide products that suit all designs.