So, you wish to set your house apart from the rest because, in the suburbs, all homes tend to look the same?

With winter looming in, you may find it time to refurbish your existing, tired looking stairs or curtain rods rather than replacing them altogether. There are a plethora of products out there that can alleviate the look of your home, without the expenditure of replacing them.

The use of post tops and finials can add an attractive style to your existing railings or furniture. Finials are great ornamental tools that can add a sense of character to your home and architectural space. These little decorative trinkets are great additional features which you can add to almost anything from bedposts, lamps, stair railings, fencing and curtain rods for a classic designer look. Decorative finials act as a focal piece on a scroll at the end of a staircase or garden fence posts.

Grande Forge Finials for home

Fancy finials from Grande Forge are produced of such quality that even though they may look heavy, they are actually lightweight and can be easily installed. The railing finials are carefully manufactured so that a variety of styles are available to reflect your true personality. These items come in an array of sizes, shapes and colors/finishes. Use finials to add dimension to the end of a railing. 

Each of the many kinds of post tops available serves a different purpose for your home. They can be used for curtain rods, fence panels, staircase railings and more. The finial bases are also available in many finishes that include Chrome Black, Nickel and Satin to blend with the home decor. From sparkling crystals and semi-precious stones, to glass blown or solid brass, Grande Forge finials will blend well with most home styles.

Finials; not a thing of the past

Finials have a history of rich culture behind them. These decorative pieces have been in use since the days of the Greeks and Romans. They also entered the Japanese market in the 8th century and were seen gracing the tops of pagodas. However, they used copper to produce their finials.

This item quickly rose to popularity in North America as well.

They were used to adorn homes and barns, but today you’ll see them everywhere from offices to interior spaces.

How to intensify the look of your home with Finials?

Just as locations and generations accepted and graced the beauty of finials over time, so did evolve their shapes and designs.

You will find them in the traditional round shapes or sometimes even in decorative styles like pineapples. They serve as an ideal beauty element and will add a glamorous touch to your home as they draw all eyes to themselves and make your house look statelier.

Make every corner of your building a little more interesting with finials. Maybe you can change the outdated finial on the post at the end of your staircase. If you wish to hit the stores for decorative finials at salvage shops or thrift stores, stop. Visit the AIDI website to browse through a range of Grande Forge post tops and finials to add a little jazz in the empty corner of your building. They look impressive and ground your room. You can choose the design of your finials; they can be complicated, formal or casual.

Add a regal feeling to your space with our Grande Forge Series products. If you have a special design in mind for your finials, we are happy to listen and find something that matches your interest perfectly. Connect now for more interior decoration advice.