Creating a strong sense of style in your space is equal parts of art and science, and your home or building is no exception in this case. We are the master in providing ornamental interior items and have guided hundreds of homeowners and designers to identify the design ingredients that intrigue them.

When you wish to pep up your home, office, restaurant or any other space by  , you can look to stainless steel to give you that contemporary look. Apart from choosing a beautiful color scheme to fit your interior, the one thing you can do is give one of the central pieces of your home a clear indication of modernity. This could be best achieved by using stainless steel foot rails for your kitchen island, balcony or your family room bar area.

You may have heard about foot rails many times in casual conversations or while watching TV. In fact, you may have noticed foot rails in restaurants and commercial bars or sometimes on a friend's kitchen island. Aesthetically, stainless steel bars can enhance the beauty of a space whether it's in the home or any commercial establishment such as a restaurant or a sports bar. But other than that, it also provides comfort. It's a known fact that standing for long hours with both feet on the floor can be quite tiring but if one foot is elevated, the person can experience more comfort while conversing with friends.

If it's a cool modern look you're aiming for, then stainless foot railings are the way to go. Another reason to opt for stainless steel foot railings is the fact that it's one of the most durable materials out there. Rest assured, once installed, you won’t regret it as stainless steel is highly resistant to damage.

More about Foot rails

It is not necessary to have foot rails in a straight line all the time. So many manufacturing businesses are offering customized fixtures that are the trend today. There are those that can create a soft or hard corner bend to fit any bar measurement. Foot rails can also be easily cut to specific lengths to fit into any space.

A foot rail project is incomplete without the other components that are required to fix it and hold it in one place — the flush fittings, the posts, end caps, flanges, and foot rail brackets.

The end caps are responsible for completing the look of your foot rails. They can be flat, round or in any other decorative form depending on your taste. These components are easily installable, all one has to do is just slip it on the end of the stainless-steel tubing. At AIDI, we provide a range of decorative and functional stainless-steel foot rail components that are essential for installing a foot rail system. Footrail brackets come in various types as well. You can visit us for foot rail brackets in traditional or contemporary styles. For one-foot rail, you will need several brackets which should be placed at a gap of six inches from the end tubing or at least three brackets for an eight-inch foot rail.

Stainless-steel cleaning tips

You may simply use soapy water or a mixture of detergent and water and rub the surface of the steel components using a sponge. Never use metal scrapers to clean the railing. It leaves marks.

If you see some stains or some kind of discoloration, use stainless steel cleaner or just a mild cleanser (Baking soda & Vinegar). A toothbrush with soft bristles can be utilized for rubbing off the surface.

If you find rust build up, simply take some nitric acid and warm water in the ratio 1:9 and mix it up well. Apply this mixture in the affected area and leave it alone for an hour or so. Rinse and let dry.

Keep your stainless-steel hand railing and foot rail forever new with these easy stainless-steel cleaning tips. You can thus keep your components more durable and attractive for a long time.