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Multiple Advantages of Buying Readymade Gates

Friday, January 20, 2017 6:31:15 AM America/New_York

Renovating an existing property or setting up a new house? Choosing gates and fences can be quite a task with numerous choices and a tight budget. Most families debate over buying a readymade gate or custom designed gate. Many people have the illusion that custom designed gates give more freedom to design, however, readymade gates also come in a variety of designs and the advantages of choosing a readymade gate for your driveway, swimming pool, or garden entry are much more…

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5 ways to Protect Metal Products from Rusting

Thursday, January 5, 2017 4:01:20 AM America/New_York

Wrought iron gates and fences are selected with attention to design and detailing so that they accentuate the exterior and balcony of a building. These metal products are mostly a one-time expense and once installed, it is left alone for years. Unfortunately, climatic conditions such as humid air and rain can corrode the metal over time and cause rusting. Rusting is a metal enemy that not only spoils the beauty of the steel or iron gate but also limits its longevity. It is a brown-orange powdery coating that develops over time on the metal surface.

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Exquisite Balustrade Design Project -Paris Series by Grande Forge

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 2:43:28 AM America/New_York

The Paris series by Grande Forge is inspired by the style, culture, and luxury of Paris. The design brings alive the ‘city of lights’ with its exuberance and elegance. The French craftsmen have designed the posts and balusters of the Paris series using nickel plated and 24 carat gilded brass. Each piece of the baluster assembly is hand-forged artistically and there is an authentic Swarovski crystal placed in the middle of each post.

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Deck Railing Systems

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 6:41:38 AM America/New_York

Planning the aesthetics of your home is a tedious task and requires time, effort and money. Exterior decoration is just as important as the home interior decor. Installing deck and porch railing accentuates the beauty of your house and gives the security required in the area. However, before investing in a deck railing system, you must explore all deck design ideas and latest materials. Learn about the different kinds of materials and their advantages and disadvantages. There are many options available in the market such as glass railing, metal deck railing, and cable railing.

In this article, we'll help you gain understanding on the five major pointers that will help you make an informed decision:

  1. Choice of Material: Each material has a certain life period. The material you decide should suit your budget, it should match the rest of the house's architectural style and should have some resale value. The most common materials that offer many deck design ideas are glass railings, metal deck railing, and cable railing. These railings can be installed on your original handrail of any material. Cables can be added to wood and metal handrail with ease.

  2. Installation Process: The deck and porch railing systems are easily available online on our website from reputed manufacturers such as Grande Forge, INOX, PanelGrip, and Feeney. Installation cost accounts for more than 25% of the total railing system cost. So, check if the product is DIY or does it needs specialists to install. You can search for DIY videos on YouTube. All railing kits come complete with accessories required for installation.

  3. System Maintenance: Certain materials lifespan is much shorter and require regular maintenance within a period of first 5 years. This can be avoided by choosing materials like glass, cable or metal which have comparatively much longer life duration and require little to no maintenance. You can install once and leave it alone for at least next 5 to 10 years.

  4. Deck Design Ideas: Porch railing system has many different designs in modern and traditional form and you must choose something that goes with the overall look and feel of the house. Avoid mismatch as it might look interesting initially, but in a long run, it will feel out of place. From intricate designs in the ornamental collection to modern and Paris series, our handrail and posts designs are endless and are sure to match your taste.

  5. Resale Value: You may have bought the house just for you and your family, however, it is still a good idea to invest in a material that enhances the resale value of the house. Future is unpredictable and a deck railing system that is attractive and eco-friendly will get more buyers.

Architectural Iron Design, Inc. has an online catalog full of beautiful ornamental and architectural metal designs. We offer glass, metal and cable deck railing system that look gorgeous and are low maintenance. They can be ordered online at reasonable rates. Do visit our design gallery to see pictures of our products designs.

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Embellish your Home Exterior with Designer Wrought Iron Gate

Monday, October 24, 2016 4:34:03 AM America/New_York

The main gate and the fencing are the first things that catch the eye of your visitors. Most people spend a lot of money and time to decorate the interior of their house and unfortunately ignore the exterior – the face of the house.

Renovating an old house or ornamenting your new house, you must take time and budget to spruce up the look of your house from outside. Wrought iron is the latest trend in doors, fences, balusters and railings. It has made a glamorous come back with intricate designs and patterns.

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Stainless Steel Cable-Rail Showcase – A Fantastic Project

Monday, October 17, 2016 3:14:13 AM America/New_York

Designing a new house or upgrading the look of an office space – CableRail in staircases, fences, and decks can revamp the entire look of the house/ building with pleasing aesthetics. This week we are showcasing stainless steel CableRail projects that have transformed the interior and exterior spaces of a home and commercial facility.

The low-maintenance quality and easy installation is the reason for the increasing popularity of CableRail systems. The look of the deck is enhanced as the CableRail gives an unobstructed view of the outside world. Enjoy your balcony space, since the railing infills give you an unimpaired view of the panoramic surroundings.

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Education and Hands-on Vendor Showcase - OctoberFest 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016 5:40:54 AM America/New_York

Learn from the best in the industry and enhance your knowledge on different forms of metal sculpting such as forging, scroll-making, roll forming, and patinas.


Start with vendor showcase with ample hands-on opportunities followed by sumptuous dinner and networking. Benefit from the gathering of like-minded people to boost your business.


The next day starts with an early breakfast with the vendors followed by knowledge sharing and demo on scroll theory, patinas, roll forming, and forging. Enjoy connecting with various vendors and business owners over lunch and stay for the continued education.


The event is attended by all the famous and reputed vendors such as Walter Abrasives, Eagle Bending, Gilders Paste, GSS Machinery, Suhner Manuf, Hilti, Sculpt Nouveau, and much more to come.


Please note that the entry to the event in only through registration. So fill the online form and book yourself a seat for a 2-day education session and demo with hands-on. Registration is based on first come first serve basis so don’t wait too long. The entry fee for members is $200 and for non-members is $300. Click on the link below to get the registration form:


Knowledge is power and the quality sessions with experts are priceless. Don’t miss this opportunity and register now.

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Explore the Latest in FabricationEquipment

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 3:37:15 AM America/New_York

Explore the latest in fabrication equipment and learn to use the metal machines to produce marvelous results. The ongoing Oktoberfest Expo by Mid-Atlantic Machinery is the place to be for all metal lovers. If you haven’t registered yet, do it now as the 3-day event lasts only till Sept 29,2016.

As we bend and shape the metal sheets into beautiful designs for gates, railings, and sculptures, there is always scope for improvement. The machinery that is used gives the metal artists and labor the freedom to create wonders. The event is organized to bring the metal equipment experts under one roof. You can ask your questions from the experts and see the equipment in use.

Register online to be a part of the event at the following link:

Oktoberfest Expo is free for all, so you can delve into your passion and gain knowledge to improve your business. Enjoy the excellent German-themed free food and drinks while at the event. Hurry, as the event has already started and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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2016 AFA Northeast Regional Fence Tradeshow

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 4:21:04 PM America/New_York

We would like to invite you to  attend the
2016 AFA Northeast Regional Fence Tradeshow

Come visit us at
booths 63 & 64
February 26-27 at the
Hyatt Regency in Newport, Rhode Island

We will be showcasing a variety of items from our extensive product line including architectural metals and decorative iron components for various applications including wrought iron railings, driveway gates, garden gates, wrought iron fences, window guards, wrought iron furniture and anything else you can imagine.

In addition to our ornamental metal selection we will have DuraGates sliding gate hardware by Comunello and high quality gate hardware and accessories on display.

We look forward to seeing you!

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FenceTech 2016 A Success

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 9:45:18 AM America/New_York

FenceTech 2016 was held in Nashville, TN from Jan 13th to 15th. Although there was initial skepticism, we felt that it was one of the most well attended shows in recent history. The show floor was busy all 3 days. All the major exhibitors were there including several new exhibitors.

The leading buzz during the show was the new UL325 standard for gate operators going into effect in January. In essence, it has to do with enhanced entrapment protection. Here is a short video from Liftmaster that explains it in further detail.

We are glad to report that our DuraGates cantilever sliding gate rollers are UL325 compatible as the rollers are never exposed and eliminates the possibility of any entrapment.

DuraGates had a brand new display this year. Apart from displaying all the models, we were also showcasing the new mini aluminum model for smaller aluminum gates. It is a very economical solution for smaller aluminum sliding gates. All our products were very well received and we are looking forward to working with some of you on your next sliding gate project.
Overall, the business sentiment at the show was very positive. Everyone seems to have enough work, residential, commercial and industrial. The mild winter has helped quite a bit as well.

There were several new products at the show from the manufacturers we represent. BFT has come out with a new ULTRA Deimos operator which has a longer span to go across the gate. D&D Technologies has the new SureClose Easy Hinge which can be fitted over an existing gate to make it self closing. Locinox USA also has several new products including a new Samson closer, a panic bar that fits over a Locinox lock and the constantly improved Mammoth Hinge.

Now, about Nashville itself. We felt it was a great destination. The Music City center was a fabulous location - new, modern, clean and spacious. Everything was within walking distance with great restaurants and country music playing everywhere. We would definitely endorse Nashville for future conventions.

FenceTech 2017 is another story though. The location, San Antonio, TX is great. The only problem being that it is over Superbowl weekend which is sure to affect attendance. Anyway, let's hope for the best. We will be there!

We are exhibiting next at the AFA Northeast Regional Fence show on Feb 27th in Newport, RI. Stay tuned for more updates on that.
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