Aluminum Railings
Our aluminum handrails, posts, balusters, and other items offer the beauty and protection of a traditional wrought iron fence without requiring much maintenance. They are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes that add prestige and value to any property.

Aluminum Railings

  1. Aluminum handrail, moldings and fittings provide a low-maintenance railing system that will last for years.
  2. Aluminum plain tubing, solid bar, hammered bar and edge hammered tubing is readily available to create any type of metal design that will be lightweight are require minimal maintenance.
  3. A variety of aluminum pipe elbows, flanges, end caps and sleeves is available for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe.
  4. Our selection of aluminum tubular and solid bar balusters is sure to add a unique touch to any living space. Hammered bars, twisted bars, simple balcony balusters and much more are available to choose from to create an original railing, gate or fence.
  5. Add a personalized touch to any stair railing, fence or driveway gate by installing an aluminum scroll panel. The perfect panel is waiting within our vast collection.
  6. Our aluminum leaf collection provides the opportunity to boost the design of any railing, gate, fence or other metal work project.
  7. Ornamental aluminum infill castings can be used in array of metal work projects. Add to a stair railing, gate or fence to embellish the overall look.
  8. Create a focal point on any furniture piece, railing panel, fence or gate by adding an aluminum rosette.
  9. Aluminum railheads and finials are purely aesthetic and bring the finishing touch to any metal work project.
  10. Discover the many shapes and sizes of our aluminum circles and balls. Use as an infill on gates, railings, furniture and much more.
  11. Quality aluminum cages act as decorative elements for railings, gates, fences, furniture and more.
  12. Aluminum scrolls whether used alone or together to create a unique pattern will help elevate any metal design.
  13. Be creative and add an aluminum picket casting to your next metal work project. The architectural features of these picket castings, offer a creative style that is popular in modern architecture.
  14. Choose from a variety of flanges, cover plates and shoes to complete the look of any railing project. Available for square bar.
  15. AIDI’s aluminum collars offer both beauty and durability. They an attractive addition to any metal work project because of their sophisticated design.
  16. Browse through our selection of aluminum post caps. Assorted sizes and styles are available to enhance the appearance of any metal work project requiring a post top.
  17. Enhance the look of any aluminum or wooden railing system by installing an aluminum handrail bracket.