Industry Links

We've compiled a group of complementary organizations, that in one way or another, have crossed paths with those in various trades. Whether a fabricator, blacksmith, interior designer, architect or homeowner, we invite you to learn more about each affiliation and how they could help grow your business or help create a metalwork project.

Industry Links


Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc. is a group of blacksmithing members that share and exchange information about the trade. Helpful publications, training classes and seminars are only a few of the many ways this organization helps to grow it's member population of now 4000 strong.


American Fence Association serves it's members by providing educational classes and seminars, networking opportunities and array of tools needed to be competitive within the fencing industry.


American Institute of Architects serves it's members by providing the necessary resources for architects around the world to be strong leaders in their field.


American Society of Landscape Architects organization helps members strive to advance landscape architecture by providing educational classes and other resources. With these resources, landscape architects will continue to provide green space in the form of parks, open college and workkplace campuses, walking/biking trails and much more.


ARCAT offers free resouces to those in the architectural and building communities. The resources available come in forms such as vendor catalogs and videos, CAD drawings, specification sheets and much more.


American Society of Interior Designers strives to help their members share with others how design, whether in a home or office, can dramatically change the vibe of that space.


ASTM International sets the standards on the quality of products one uses in their daily lives. Through these standards, ASTM is providing everyone confidence knowing that the products they purchase are safe.


CADdetails provides building product information to all those in the planning and building trades. CADdetails offers architects, engineers and contractors CAD drawings, specification sheets, images and related documents from various suppliers around the globe.


The Construction Specifications Institute is a national association focused on providing solutions and best practices in building construction. The Institute shares knowledge that ranges from construction challenges to materials used in constructing a building.


Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association sets the standards for safety requirements within the five divisions they represent: Gate Operator & Access Control Point Systems, Commercial & Residential Garage Doors, High Performance Doors, Door Operator & Electronics, and Rolling Door.


International Code Council is an association that develops safety models and codes to ensure compliance in products and structures throughout the world.


International Door Association provides training and resourceful programs to those professionals in door and access systems dealers.

Metal Museum

The Metal Museum is an institution that provides resources to those in metalwork. These resources are provided through exhibitions, internships, classes and much more.


National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers serves it's members by providing technical information on products used for building construction. In addition to the published resources, NAAMM promotes it members and their products, provides forums for exchanging valuable technical information and specifications for building design professionals.


The National Glass Association provides it's members with quality educational classes and seminars, helps to promote and advocate for glass to be incorporated in various building projects and to deem it as a safe alternative to other railing systems.


National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association provides it's members with quality educational forums, a ListServ where all members in the organization can ask questions, collaborate on ideas and share their sucesses and the O&MM Fabricator magazine which provides a weatlh of knowledge to all in the metalworking, architectural and sculptural trades.


Stairbuilders and Maufacturers Association educates it's members by providing technical publications, design professionals, industry schools and seminars directly related to challenges in the trade. This organization strives to provide quality craftsmanship and products.

Traditional Building

Traditional Building is a magazine the professional's use for technical resources, design trends and information on historical preservation.