Ornamental Metals
Whether you’re looking for terrific designs to complement the architecture of your building or for some protective elements that can ensure the security of your house, you get it all here. Find all kinds of architectural iron products for your railings, gates, fences, furniture and more. Get your hands on some original, elegant Ornamental Iron for new additions to your home or business. No matter what your taste is, we have items to satisfy your desire for traditional, modern or simply unique iron works that will easily go with any home decor.

Ornamental Metals

  1. Find an extensive range of decorative railheads and finials in all styles and sizes for gates, railings, fences, and staircases. Get ornamental iron railheads in a variety of designs that can be best fitted in your Iron gates, grills, and railings. Our collection of decorative steel finials will give a perfect finish to your Iron design décor.
  2. Our premium models of decorative iron collars are available in square and round shaped designs. This range of artistic and decorative ironwork components can be used to adorn balcony railings, fence pickets or gate designs. Get this inexpensive, easy and effective add-on to your metalwork designs, by picking your style from our wide collection of decorative collars that are also available in brass and aluminum.
  3. Our ornamental ironwork guarantees sophisticated design, unbeatable quality, rapid assembly and excellent safety. Find the best quality iron railing shoes and flanges that will complete the look of iron balusters. These architectural metal pieces provide a perfect finish to your railing model and are available with us in brass and aluminum too.
  4. Forged cross bars come in handy as the notched back sides allow for quick installation of decorative bars. Use these decorative iron cross bars to create a unique window guard or balcony railing.
  5. Be it an iron, brass or aluminum rosette, our massive collection of metal rosettes is a perfect addition to your railings, metal furniture, wall partitions, old-world doors, and gates. These decorative metals are available in a variety of small and larger standalone rosettes that serves as excellent decor or focal points in metallic wall hangings and uplifts the overall look of your space.
  6. Steel scrolls are available in many different sizes and designs that are used in iron handrails, wall decors, and metal frames. With simple curves forged from a durable material, our steel scrolls will complete your gate or staircase with a perfect finishing detail.
  7. Decorative metal leaves and flowers are the way of giving your iron artwork a creative finish. Our popular collection of iron flowers and leaves showcased here are suitable for the fabrication within any gate or railing.
  8. Shop our collection of hollow metal balls that are formed using high-quality materials. Get steels balls and brass balls in a variety of sizes and styles. The elegant finish of these balls serves as a decorative element to your ironwork. They can be welded for easy installation too.
  9. To add a distinction to your iron fence, gate or railing, use iron rings and circles that are perfect for the display of your ornamental metal work. Our steel rings are strong and durable. Find our range of iron circles that have been forged to form unique designs.
  10. Bring in a sense of clarity, freshness, and ease into your space. Our iron products designed and fabricated in a range of artistic items, includes cut letters and numbers, furniture legs, square ends, decorative forged nail heads and more. Use these little creative elements in your house to add a touch of drama in the corner of your home.
  11. Use our iron metal forgings for creatively designing the interiors of your house. Our artistic metal forgings can personalize any room with its contemporary style. Add a rustic look to the architecture of your space using our home décor metal items.
  12. Our steel flower panels are available painted or unpainted. They are offered in round or oval shapes with a variety of designs to choose from.
  13. The decorative iron castings by Grande Forge combines ancestral know-how and advanced technologies. The remarkable quality of precision that these castings possess show their superiority, as well as their ability to integrate complex geometry shapes. These cast-iron objects have a special touch as it combines both grace and robustness.
  14. Our finely crafted iron home accents for the outdoors and indoors are bold and sophisticated. The decorative iron castings meet the needs of modern-day home décor and suits all styles. The stunning designs of our iron castings are perfect for iron gates, ornate balconies, and elaborate old-world iron railings.
  15. Our decorative gate crowns add value and security to gate structures. Find an exclusive range of designs that will define the majesty of your building. Our classic gate crowns can elevate the overall look of your gate instantly.
  16. Find aesthetic, contemporary and creative gate frame accessories that are made with innovative and unique designs to embellish your gates. These gate accessories are manufactured based on the latest trends using present-day techniques and are offered in various shapes to fit any gate pattern easily.
  17. Much like the main door of your house, the gate, at the entrance of your property, also plays an important role in making your guests feel warm and welcomed. Set the tone of your house with our wide range of readymade garden gates, side gates and driveway gates that are available in all standard sizes. These solid steel driveway and pedestrian gates, exclusively imported from Italy, are ready to install. They are galvanized and painted and come with hinges.