Brass Railings
Standard or custom railing designs, our brass handrail fittings offer flexibility in design and style. You can choose from our exclusive collection of brass top rail and fittings, tubing, handrail brackets, post brackets, flanges, end caps, ball fittings and more.

Brass Railings

  1. Brass handrail and fittings are available in two sizes and work well for both residential and commercial railing applications. Grande Forge top rail and fittings are also available in nickel, satin and chrome black finishes.
  2. Use brass tubing to create a handrail design that is simple yet modern. Brass fittings are available to help with installation.
  3. Brass handrail brackets are available in various styles to add charm to any railing design.
  4. Use brass post brackets when creating any type of railing system. Whether that be a hand rail, foot rail, or pots and pan holder for the kitchen.
  5. Brass footrail and armrail brackets add support to any railing design. Select a modern/contemporary or traditional style to fit within your decor.
  6. Flanges come in many shapes and sizes. These wall, floor, angle, and adjustable brass flanges allow for easy installation of any railing system.
  7. Express your creative side by adding a decorative end cap or finial to your brass railing design. Many styles to choose from including, ball and scroll finials to flush and half ball end caps.
  8. Brass ball fittings are available in many varieties to assist in building brass railings. AIDI supplies a large range of ball fittings to support your railing.
  9. With a variety of brass flush angle fittings and flush ell fittings available any brass railing design is possible.
  10. Brass clips will help create the appearance of floating glass railings. Choose from Grande Forge glass clamps that offer plain and scalloped designs. Glass clips are also available with brass or steel supports.
  11. Loctite Metal Adhesive bonds brass fittings to brass tubing in minutes which allows for fast and easy installation of railing systems. Clean and protect the railing with Lavi Metal Polish.