Brass Railings
Whether building a brass handrail or a brass railing with pickets, our brass handrail fittings offer flexibility in design and style. Choose from our exclusive collection of brass handrails, tubing, handrail brackets, post pockets, flanges, end caps, ball fittings and more. These brass components can be used on a standard staircase as well as on a custom spiral staircase. Beauty and strength are both keys to building a beautiful staircase, and that is exactly what you will get here!

Brass Railings

  1. Get the best brass handrails to give your staircase a perfect finish and exquisite brass ends that will add finesse to your home décor. Shop for the best brass handrails and ends for commercial and residential purposes here.
  2. Brass tubing is commonly used for architectural detailing. Our quality solid brass round tubing and steel sleeves for round tubing are ideal for handrail or foot rail applications. A staircase should be as attractive as it is useful, and with these fittings, that is exactly what you will find here!
  3. AIDI’s stylish brass handrail brackets redefine elegance. These handrail brackets are made of high-quality solid brass for wall mounting and glass mounting. Its sleek and polished finish can perfectly restore the charm on your staircase.
  4. Select from our range of bracket styles that can support your tubing. For optimal support, you can choose our durable brackets that will also complement your bar rail. Our arm rail and footrail brackets finish would make you buy it now.
  5. AIDI’s high quality brass flanges are great for porches, walls or decks. Our range of ornamental brass flanges include wall flange, floor flange, angle flange and canopies in brass. Shop from our comprehensive collection of brass flanges.
  6. Find brass end caps and finials that are suitable for home and office buildings. Made with quality and care, our end caps will rightly express the creativity of your railing with its bold look. These metal accents create a visually intriguing ambiance.
  7. AIDI supplies a large range of ball fittings to support your railing. Usually, a heavier ball fitting provides the needed strength for a solid foot rail and hand railing. Shop for your railing from our collection of ball fittings that meets rigid standards of quality.
  8. The flush fittings section of the brass railing category features a variety of decorative and functional fittings to complete your railing project. Our brass flush fittings are available in a wide range to match every style and budget.
  9. We offer a selection of glass clips from Grande Forge that help create the appearance of floating glass railings. Our glass clips and grips provide a safe and stable way to fix glass panel to walls, railing posts, and other surfaces to create a fine architectural railing system.
  10. Simplify brass railing assembly by using Loctite Metal Adhesive to join railing components. The railing pieces will bond within minutes to create a professional look. Keep the railing looking like new by applying Lavi Metal Polish. This polish cleans, polishes and protects.