Sliding Gate Systems
At AIDI we offer various options for sliding gates and doors. Our cantilever slide gate hardware uses our DuraGates cantilever enclosed roller system, where the carriages are mounted on the ground to the side of the opening, thus no track or hardware is in the driveway area. Our V-Groove rolling gates offer tracks that can be cemented or bolted in place across the driveway and numerous wheel options for all gate weights. Our Overhead Door system uses trolleys and ceiling mount brackets to ensure the door glides effortlessly above the door.

Sliding Gate Systems

  1. Comunello Cantilever gate hardware offers a professional solution which avoids many of the maintenance problems with traditional sliding gates and satisfies your requirements for installing a cantilever gate, even with complicated applications or large dimensions.  It is the perfect choice, with its complete line of accessories and a product configurator to calculate the correct dimensions for the gate. Moreover, the hardware can be used on any gate material. Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Wood / Chainlink / Vinyl.

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  2. This galvanized v-groove rolling gate hardware is a high quality system for residential and commercial applications.

  3. Comunello overhead track systems offers a solution for industrial doors when mounting hardware on the floor is not an option.