Luxury Railings
Featuring the Grande Forge collection from France, which is all about quality, style, and beauty. Find an exclusive range of crystal, brass, stainless steel and cast-Iron items that are blended with precious objects to create unique designs for stair railings and balustrades. Grande Forge also makes 24-carat gilded products keeping in mind the regal taste of the elites. These luxurious collections are designed for giving your space a contemporary look that is sophisticated and stylish. A high-fashion finish and the touch of perfectionism that our products carry will enhance the overall look of your house.

Luxury Railings

  1. Keep your classic staircase looking great with Grande Forge’s stylish brass handrail. The French craftsmen, who mastered the art of metal forgings, bring you an exclusive collection of brass handrails that are a unique piece of art. These items fit any architectural style and harmonize with any modern home.

  2. The Mozart collection by Grande Forge is sure to be the highlight of every conversation when guests arrive. These ornamental railing components, inspired by nature, is unique in ironwork. Find the creative intelligence of the artist, the unusual work of the blacksmith and the precise finish by the detailer. The intricate ironwork of leaves, flowers and even a stylized peacock will instantly enhance the look of your staircase or balcony

  3. Add the elements of elegance with a little splash of black that is bold and stylish. Let the combination of black and crystal complement the architectural spaces of your building. The sleek and smooth designs of our railings create a soft, sober and timeless ambiance that is visually charming.

  4. The Paris collection is one of the contemporary collections of AIDI that combines both luxury and glamour. This classic series of railing posts and balusters is a smart mix of artistic sense and efficiency. Interestingly, this series is a fit for all architectural styles and configurations.

  5. Our crystal fitted posts and balusters are the ultimate accessory that you would want to boost the charm of your staircase. Give your building a rich look with our Diamond Series of sophisticated fittings, especially meant for railings and staircases. Redefine royalty with these unique pieces of artwork done with crystals to enhance the entire look of your stairway.

  6. Make your staircase stand out by adding eye-catching elements to your railings. Our metal forgings for balustrades and railings made in contemporary designs will add chic detail to the ambiance of your house. Get a range of subtle designs or an accent detail for your stairway that are simply gorgeous.

  7. Elegant yet exuberant, the Comtesse collections set forth the classy image of the sophisticated families from the imperial times. Find the ribbed brass balusters that are highly polished and protected by a special lacquer. All these together, can positively transform the ambiance of your house and bring in a feeling of serenity.

  8. The Classic Series by Grande Forge is the blend of solid brass with forged steel. This classic combination used in making railings and balustrades is artistic whose style is unalterable. Complement your staircase with a rustic design that fuses the goodness of two metals to give your house a timeless look.

  9. Polished brass and stainless steel forgings in the center make this line of posts and balusters unique. The mix of two metals used in these forgings creates a mystical harmony between the staircase and your furniture where the two components complement one another. Harmonie Series of posts is a decorative element that with its precision in details can intensify the beauty of your house.

  10. Add a touch of class to your staircase or railing design with gentle swirls, leaves and elements of nature. These brass balusters will embellish your living space as they add spectacular detail for a most amazing look of grandeur.

  11. Whether you have a marble staircase or one with granite, our products for railings containing gilded embellishments on brass balusters will enhance the glamour of your entry hall. Give your house an edgy look with Grande Forge Royal Series that features solid brass centers in a hand patinated and lacquered Antique Bronze finish.

  12. Experience the beauty of a railing system that incorporates carbon fiber. The Carbone Series will offer a unique and modern appearance to any home or business with it's selection of handrail, posts and balusters. Easily malleable and suitable for different applications, carbon fiber has become a noble material. Used in the most advanced sectors, such as aeronautics, automotive or sport, carbon fiber has quickly become the unavoidable material of future applications.

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