Luxury Railings
Innovation and respect for tradition do not necessarily conflict with each other. When combined creatively the result is an artistic piece of true craftsmanship.

Since 1948, GRANDE FORGE has mastered this balance perfectly and have established themselves as one of the world’s leading artistic blacksmiths, renowned for their elegance and style.

This exclusive collection of railing  posts and balusters blend the most precious materials in the world of artistic forgings - Gold, Crystal, Brass and Cast Iron. The result, like jewelry is a unique piece of art. The railing’s design will impact the atmosphere and feeling of  the room like nothing else.

Grande Forge is for those who value excellence and top quality for ornamental metalwork.

Luxury Railings

  1. Update your staircase railing with stylish brass handrail from Grande Forge.
  2. The Cast Iron collection of newel posts, balusters and coordinating shoes and post tops will be a welcome addition to any new home or remodel. Paint or patina to match any interior space.
  3. With the Mozart Series, one is able to bring the look of nature indoors with the wide selection of posts, panels and balusters that contain ornate flower and leaf designs.
  4. The Black Diamond posts and balusters will provide a graceful staircase or balcony railing design with the focal point being the Swarovski center crystal.
  5. With glass crystals and brass accents, the Paris Series is one of the contemporary collections of Grande Forge that combines both luxury and glamour.
  6. Give your staircase or balcony railing a refined look with the newel posts and balusters within the Diamond Series.
  7. The Modern Series collection is perfect for any stair or balcony railing. The brass and satin stainless steel bodies create a stunning appearance and will certainly add character to any interior space.
  8. The Comtesse Series allows for a brass railing system full of charm. The ribbed bodies on the posts and balusters, along with subtle center designs, adds depth and character to each piece.
  9. The Classic Series by Grande Forge is the blend of solid brass with forged steel. This classic combination, when used for railings and balustrades, will alter any interior space.
  10. Choose the Harmonie Series with it's brass-stainless steel posts and balusters for a truly elegant look.
  11. Add a touch of class to your staircase or railing design with gentle swirls, leaves and elements of nature. These brass balusters will embellish your living space as they add spectacular detail for a most amazing appearance.
  12. The Royal Series posts and balusters are made of brass and are patinated to highlight the fine details inscribed in the brass. Lovely in any setting, but especially for stair and balcony railings.
  13. The Carbone Series posts and balusters, made of carbon fiber, will offer a unique and modern appearance to any interior space.
  14. The Square Series by Grande Forge is truly a unique collection. Posts and balusters of stainless steel can be used for both indoor or outdoor applications. A variety of PVD coatings available as well.