Stainless, Cable & Glass Railing

Cable rail infills offer a modern appearance for staircases and deck railings.  We offer two cable rail infill systems - Feeney and Ultra-Tec - the industry leaders. Between them they have a wide range of cable sizes and fittings for practically every application.

Both Feeney and Ultra-Tec offer high quality 316 stainless steel cable that is affordable and low maintenance. Both work with either wood or metal post applications. The installation and fittings required for these systems do vary so take the time to understand each one. Choosing the correct system will be beneficial to the client and yourself.

Glass railing systems by Q-Railing and Wagner offer ease of installation, customizable components and top and fascia mount options. In addition, they will provide an open and airy appeal to any office, residence, hotel or architectural space where a glass railing is required.

Stainless steel railing systems, by Indital, is a modular system that allows for flexibility of part selection and ease of installation vs. comparable welded systems. Available in 304 and 316 grade for interior or exterior applications in a satin finish. Three infill options available: solid stainless rods, CableRail or glass.

Stainless, Cable & Glass Railing

  1. With many options to choose from, stainless steel CableRail by Feeney will add a modern look to any stair or deck railing system.
  2. Ultra-Tec, the ultimate cable railing infill, offers concealed hardware which allows for unobstructive views and easy installation.
  3. Glass Railing Systems can be used for both commercial and residential applications. When combined with stainless steel or aluminum top rail the finished railing is quite beautiful.
  4. Choose from stainless steel glass clamps and clips for wall, ground or handrail mounting. The perfect choice for all glass railing systems.
  5. Glass adapters, connectors and base clamps are a useful piece of stainless steel hardware when designing any type of glass railing system.
  6. Create a low maintenance railing system by choosing a modular stainless steel system. Perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. This railing systems allows for ease of installation vs. comparable welded systems.
  7. The combination of stainless steel and the warmth of wood will welcome any visitor to a home or office. The WOODINOX Railing System creates modern and sophisticated look.
  8. This stainless steel railing LED system increases security by illuminating a stairway or walkway without having to light up an entire area.
  9. Create a sleek railing system with stainless steel round tubing. Various railing components are available in 1-1/2" and 2" diameters.
  10. Stainless steel handrail brackets come in a variety of styles for glass or wall mounted handrail system.
  11. These high quality hinges and locks for glass railing systems, are exterior grade stainless steel and will provide a stylish and finished look to any glass system.
  12. Loctite Primer along with Loctite Metal Adhesive bonds stainless steel in minutes versus just using the metal adhesive alone. Clean and protect the railing with quality products.