Paints and Patinas

A high quality metal work project needs a durable finish to protect the work from the elements and from daily use. Besides the durability, there is also a matter of aesthetics. What color do you want the ironwork to be? Do you want your railing painted classic black? Or perhaps white to match your white picket fence? Or are you going for a blackened finish for the table you are making for your client?

We have assembled a wide range of high quality finishes for interior and exterior metalwork.

Paints and Patinas

  1. Shop Vinylast Paint for a quality finish to any metal object. AIDI offers a variety of paint colors in various sizes or try the aerosol spray paint for quick and easy application. Use our Vinylast paint for interior or exterior metal designs. It dries faster and had excellent adhesion to hot dipped galvanizing.

  2. To keep your metal objects looking beautiful for a longer period, you need more than just a paint. Shop our Aqualast Paint which is a eco-friendlier version of our Vinylast Paint. It gives long-lasting life on all ironwork and is water based for easy clean up.

  3. To achieve a more natural finish on your metalwork project use our range of Sculpt Nouveau patinas and metal finishes. Sculpt Nouveau provides smart solutions for cleaning, finishing and protecting metal surfaces. A wide variety of traditional patinas, smart stains, dye oxides, metal waxes/oils and sealers is available here to ensure your project will last for many years.

  4. The ancient art of patinization fused with modern day paint technology to articulate metallic effects on paintable surface is the trend that is quickly picking up. Our exclusive painted patinas are distinctive that carries a timeless look of bronze, copper and the weathered appearance of rusted iron.

  5. Our range of Gilders Paste has a variety of unique painting applications. It can be used to highlight the look of your metallic and wooden objects. Apply it to the body of the article with finger or brush in a rubbing motion to achieve that unique finish for your item.

  6. Use our primers and thinners for better results when painting your metal work. Our primers give long-lasting adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material that is being painted. Whereas, the thinner provides best results when used to thin oil-based paints or clean up after their use.

  7. Create the appearance of metal on any surface by using metal coatings by Sculpt Nouveau.

  8. Apply a protective clear sealer to preserve your painted or patinated metal finish.

  9. It is a complex mixture of vinyl acrylic copolymer and tannic acid. Treat corroded steel and iron surfaces with this magic solution that is strong yet eco-friendly. RustResolve neutralizes the corrosion process by converting the rust into a blue black organic compound which can then be painted over.

  10. Sculpt Nouveau's Metal Cleaner and Degreaser works on all types of metal surfaces. This cleaner is specifically formulated for the rapid and complete removal of rust, dirt, oil and grease from most iron surfaces in preparation for metal finishing