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Architectural Iron Designs Inc

Your Imagination, Forged Here


With so many options available, the architectural metals marketplace can be confusing and overwhelming — even for experienced contractors. That’s where Architectural Iron Designs Inc. (AIDI) comes in.

Founded in 1994, AIDI has established itself as a leading supplier of components for decorative and functional metal railings, balconies, gates, and fences — in iron, steel, aluminum, and brass. We carry thousands of parts, as well as a range of paints, patinas, gate hardware and gate automation.

Ready to rail against mediocrity? Our team of experts can help make your vision for a beautiful balcony or stairway railing come to life. Want to throw the gates of creativity wide open? Our experienced sales people can help you put together a spectacular security gate, with the convenience of the latest in gate automation and access control.

Perhaps most importantly, AIDI offers decades of experience that can prove invaluable when planning and purchasing materials for your next metalwork or gate project. Let us help you navigate our carefully curated, comprehensive selection of products to bring your imagination to life. Call today to get started!


Membership and Distribution

Architectural Iron Designs, Inc. is a member of The Artist-Blacksmith Association of America (ABANA) and National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA).

We are the only authorized distributor in North America for Grande Forge - the world's leading manufacturer of distinctive artistic forgings and castings.

We provide a wide range of architectural and ornamental metal components from Indital, Rik-Fer, Lawler and Lavi Industries. We distribute Locinox and D&D Technologies high quality gate hardware on our Lock4Gates website.