NOTE: Most product dimensions are approximate within manufacturing tolerances and in many cases are a close approximation after converting from metric.

Flush Ells in Brass

Item Number :
00-732/1-1/2 and 00-732/2

A streamlined look is achieved with the use of flush fittings. Our component options ensure simple assembly and flexibility to accommodate any project. Our line of flush fittings feature a 1" long sleeve for added strength and adhesive coverage.


These flush ells are available for 1-1/2" and 2" tubing.

Grouped product items

1-1/2" Brass Flush Ell

Tubing: 1-1/2"

W: 2"

L: 2"

Item Number : 00-732/1-1/2




2" Brass Flush Ell

Tubing: 2"

W: 2-1/2"

L: 2-1/2"

Item Number : 00-732/2




More Information

More Information
Item Number 00-732/1-1/2 and 00-732/2
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