Gate Automation
Look no further than AIDI for your next automated gate system. We offer slide and swing gate operators for all types and sizes of gates. Our access control boxes are available as a keypad only or cellbox or driveway loops.

Gate Automation

  1. Automate your sliding or swing gate with a sophisticated gate operator system. These openers are manufactured by top suppliers, BFT and FAAC. The operators are available in various models to accommodate most gate sizes and weights.
  2. Gate access control systems can be integrated into any gate operator system. Make access through your gate easy and convenient by installing a coded keypad box or perhaps one with an intercom would work. Shop today to find the device that will work best for your gate application.
  3. Driveway loops are a quick and efficient way to gain entry through a gate. Since the loops detect the presence of a vehicle, there is no need for a keypad or remote control device to open the gate. Loops can be buried under the driveway surface or they can be saw-cut into the driveway.
  4. Gate operator accessories help to enhance the performance of your slide or swing gate. Choose from fire department boxes, timers, photocells for safety, safety edges and much more.