Gate Hardware
Gate hardware, hinges, locks and latches, gate closers or panic hardware, plays an important roll in a properly functioning swing gate. Here at AIDI we offer quality gate hardware from top manufacturers like D&D Technologies, Locinox, Comunello and Lockey to name a few. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to ensuring your gate will function as expected for years to come. We've made shopping easy. Shop by hinges either self-closing or non-self-closing, locks and latches, gate closers, panic hardware, gate handles and drop bolts.

Gate Hardware

  1. Hinges play a vital role in the functionality of your gate. Here at AIDI we offer a wide selection of hinges, whether self closing or non-self closing, for wooden, steel, aluminum and chain link gate.
  2. Locks and latches provide added security to your gate. Choose from numerous styles of security locks, pool safety latches and simple gravity latches. We offer styles for wood, chain link, aluminum and steel gates.
  3. Ensure your gate closes each and every time by installing a gate closer. Models are available for all types and sizes of gates. We offer hydraulic gate closers that offer a final snap action; especially useful for pool gates. Adjustable gate springs can be used for a simple garden gate.
  4. Free-exit or "panic" hardware is a must in applications where the outside door is always locked, but exit from the inside is a must. This is especially true in schools and shopping malls.
  5. Avoid damaging your gate when someone opens it by installing a gate stop. Gates stops guarantee the gate won't open past a certain degree. Gate handles make your gate easy to open. They are aesthetically pleasing as well and will add value to your gate.
  6. Drop bolts will add functionality to your swing gates by providing that extra security to large driveway gates and for smaller gates by ensuring they don't blow open. Drop bars come in a variety of styles both lockable and non-lockable