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Sculpt Nouveau Ever Clear Satin Sealer

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Ever Clear (indoor or outdoor use)

Ever Clear 2K is a clear, air drying two part urethane coating designed to provide the best and strongest protection for most surfaces and finishes. We have been able to reduce the VOCs and also improve the two part formula.

Ever Clear is not a water based formula. Use Sculpt Nouveau Solvent Thinner when reducing Ever Clear in order to keep the VOC level low. Ever Clear tacks up quickly. Ever Clear should be used for the difficult finishes such as counter tops, fountains, or ocean environments. It works extremely well on all metals, wood, terracotta, ceramics, and concrete. Ever Clear provides unusually strong under-film tarnish protection. When deciding which two part clear coating to choose, Ever Clear would be the best in all circumstances as it will be compliant with the EPA, it is strong, clear, and has a fast tack time. Full cure time will be four to five days.

Ever Clear two-part is packaged with detailed instructions and filters for mixing. One gallon typically covers 125 sq. ft. with the recommended 2 coats.

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12 oz. Satin Ever Clear Aerosol Spray

12 oz. Ever Clear Satin Aerosol Spray Can

Item Number : ECL12ZSAT




32 oz. Satin Ever Clear

32 oz. Ever Clear Satin

Item Number : ECL32ZSAT




1 gallon Satin Ever Clear

1 gallon Ever Clear Satin

Item Number : ECL01GSAT




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Item Number ECL12ZSAT, ECL32ZSAT and ECL01GSAT
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