Sculpt Nouveau Smart Stain-Black

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Smart Stains (cold application)
Smart Stain is a strong, non-hazardous, fast drying patina system. It has no VOC’s and no odor. Smart Stain contains UV inhibitors and will not fade outdoors if maintained properly. It will clean up with warm, sudsy water.
Smart Stain is very versatile. All colors are transparent and may be blended or layered onto any metal including iron, steel and aluminum. We recommend when applying Smart Stain onto a bare surface that the surface be oil-free and slightly roughed up. To alter or enhance the color, Smart Stain may be applied over another patina surface once dry.
Smart Stain is made by combining finely ground, naturally occurring colored oxides with a water base polymer/resin binder. It is sold concentrated and may be diluted with distilled water up to 25% to increase transparency. Only Smart Coat 1K should be used to dilute any further.
Instructions for Application:
(1) Shake well.
(2) Clean surface of material and make sure it is completely dry before applying Smart Stain.
(3) Apply by spray, sponge, or brush. Apply as many coats as needed to achieve the desired color, making sure the first layer of stain saturates the rust or patina. Allow 2 hours to fully cure between coats.
For exterior applications, Smart Stain should be sealed with three layers of Smart Coat 1K (with a two hour drying time between each layer).

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8 oz. Smart Stain-Black

8 oz. Black Smart Stain

Item Number : SST08ZBLK




32 oz. Smart Stain-Black

32 oz. Black Smart Stain

Item Number : SST32ZBLK




1 gallon Smart Stain-Black

1 gallon Black Smart Stain

Item Number : SST01GBLK




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