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Vinylast Black Matte Paint

Item Number :
RAL0001 Black

Vinylast is a high performance coating for ironwork.

Benefits include:

• No primer necessary
• Fast drying and does not drip
• Excellent adhesion to hot dipped galvanizing
• Superior rust protection
• Suitable for aluminum and structural steel
• Chip resistant satin finish

Paints are supplied in 11 oz. spray can, 2.5 liter, 5 liter and 20 liter containers.

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PLEASE ASK FOR DATA SHEETS AND READ THESE BEFORE USING OUR PAINTS. NOTE: Coverage figures provided are only approximate and we cannot be held responsible for any variation. Coverage figures depend on equipment, the operator, thickness applied and the design/type of the work being painted.

Grouped product items

11 oz. Spray Can Matte Black Vinylast Paint

Supplied as 11 oz. aerosol can.

Item Number : RAL0001-SPRAY




2.5 Liters Matte Black Vinylast Paint

2.5 Liters Vinylast Black Paint

Item Number : RAL0001 2.5L




5 Liters Matte Black Vinylast Paint

5 Liters Vinylast Black Paint

Item Number : RAL0001 5L




20 Liters Matte Black Vinylast Paint

20 Liters Vinylast Black Paint

Item Number : RAL0001 20L




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More Information
Item Number RAL0001 Black

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