About Metalwork

About Metalwork

Clearing the Confusion over Wrought Iron

What is “Wrought Iron” exactly? This articles displays the fascinating history of its use and demise, as well as the insights of its modern day expectations. It expertly explains this using three different definitions, in a way, so you can fully understand what “Wrought Iron” really is to further your business needs.

Combat Corrosion by Design

Take an educational journey through the history and science behind corrosion. Learn how it really works, and how to best avoid it. These corrosion experts will dig deep into the science behind it, and will help you avoid problems in the future.

Dreamshop Problems in your Shop

If you ever have questioned your flow problem in your shop, or were planning to just start over, this is a must read. Learn how to best use minimal space, avoid power shortages from misplaced breakers, and actually look at shop layouts. Make your shop the best it can be!

Harmonic Proportion

For some, staring at a blank page with no idea where to begin a design is the hardest challenge of a new project. Luckily, for those more inclined to numbers rather than art, math is here to help. In this article, take a mathematical lesson in Architecture, to make those designs pop off the page and into real life.

Joint Finish Guidelines

Learn about voluntary guidelines set up by NOMMA in regards to joint finishes. See for yourself with useful pictures. Contact NOMMA with all your questions and concerns.

Roll Bending

Helpful Instructions accompanied by pictures to help your roll bending. With two easy steps, this article shows how easy roll bending can be.

specification resources

If you are looking for specifications or information, this article is a not only a must read, but something to download and keep. Many of the books you could ever need are listed here, so you will never need to go searching for information again.

Think "Metal Work" on your Next Project

A helpful guide for those not familiar with the industry of metalwork. A great read for a Homeowner starting a project to learn about options available in ironwork, and to have an understanding of what you are looking for before contacting a fabricator! Make your next project a “Metalwork” project!