BFT offers a wide range of operators that can be used for residential, commerical and industrial gates. Sliding gates and swing gates in all weights and sizes can be accommodated to suit most applications.

Technology: ‘BFT SMART TECHNOLOGY’ includes Magnetic limit switches, End-cycle slowdown, Integrated radio receiver, Integrated D-Track self-learning and self-diagnostics, U-link WIFI platform.

Safety: ‘BFT SAFE USE’ includes In compliance with UL 325-2016 safety standards, Obstruction sensing, Rack drive increases operational safety and security on sliding gates, Keyed manual release.

Features / Overview information:
• Small operator profiles and footprints
• Slide units are Rack Drive with ankle height drive output to allow installation on cantilever track
• Low cost to weight capacity ratio
• Made in Italy: Operational instructions written to European standards and norms

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