Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes

The Sticky Business of Paint

When it comes to painting, there is a lot of technical aspects of solvents, drying time, and what chemicals mix with what. This can get complicated, but after reading “The Sticky Business of Paint” things may seem a bit less complicated. This article will help you with paint systems, overall happiness of customers, and will help you be more cost effective in your business in the long run.

Beautiful Finishes

If you are looking to try a new color, new technique or style for your patina’s, this is a must read. Learn about new ways to easily achieve the colors customers want, and to change them on site. As well as learning how to use all the colors available to you.

Troubleshooting Paint Problems

Paint Problems? Not completely sure what’s wrong or how to solve the problem? This is a helpful guide to understanding what went wrong, and then how to solve the different probable causes. A guide that takes away research time, and replaces it with simple easy answers.