Grande Forge Luxury Railings

Innovation and respect for tradition do not necessarily conflict with each other. When combined creatively the result is an artistic piece of true craftsmanship.

Since 1948, GRANDE FORGE has mastered this balance perfectly and have established themselves as one of the world’s leading artistic blacksmiths, renowned for their elegance and style.

This exclusive collection of railing  posts and balusters blend the most precious materials in the world of artistic forgings - Gold, Crystal, Brass and Cast Iron. The result, like jewelry is a unique piece of art. The railing’s design will impact the atmosphere and feeling of  the room like nothing else.

Grande Forge is for those who value excellence and top quality for ornamental metalwork.

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Grande Forge Luxury Railings

Grande Forge Edition 2020

Download this catalog to view the full Grande Forge product line.

Grande Forge Design Album

Be inspired by ironwork designs fabricated with Grande Forge posts, balusters, panels, post tops, base shoes, etc.

CARBONE Series by Grande Forge

A newer Grande Forge Series, the CARBONE Posts and Balusters offer a railing system that incorporates carbon fiber. Download this brochure to learn more.